CD sales have been on a constant decline for years now, because of downloading. At Shadowfax, we strongly believe there is still a market for CDs and we want to keep  offering them to you. Because space is limited, we have downsized the number of CDs that we stock, but here is the good news, we can get you the CD you want, usually within a couple of weeks, at no extra charge. We can get vinyl, DVDs, obscure titles, soundtracks and various artists compilations. Just go to the ‘contact us’ portion of our website and email us your request, and we will call you when your order arrives at the store.

Shadowfax is now and has been the unofficial ticket outlet for Perth and area for the last 10 years.  Come and see us whenever you are looking for tickets for your next event.

All orders can be placed over the phone by credit card using our toll-free number: 1-800-518-2729.