Shadowfax has been brightening spirits and feeding souls since 1980. From risque greeting cards to funny wine glasses and tea towels, hearing our customers laugh is definitely one of the favourite parts of our job. Being known for our hysterically incorrect gift items is why we have a reputation for standing out by not fitting in! Our stunning sterling silver jewellery, clothing, puzzles, games, leather bags/wallets and previously loved vinyl and CD’s are just a few more reasons to stop by and visit the shop.

Carrying tarot and oracle decks along with the newest, tried and true wellness books that will put YOU in the driver seat of your own destiny, allowing you to follow your chosen path or investigate a new one. Our popular healing stones and stones are both mood boosting and calming and can provide you with physical, emotional and spiritual benefits. Come join us for ‘Psychic Sundays’ featuring different intuitive readers from 11-4 every Sunday where you can experience self exploration through clear and loving messages.

Shadowfax constantly strives to be unique and inspiring and our hope is that whatever you need, we can help you find it here.

Angie Whyte

Angie Whyte

Angie is the current owner and has been with Shadowfax since 1989. She took over the helm in 2009, when the original owner Wendy Laut, lovingly passed it on to her after 20 years of working together. Wendy’s passions for business, people and community were all passed on to her. Continuing on Wendy’s path, Angie strives to keep the store true to its roots while constantly evolving. Always choosing original and quality products that speak to people is a fun yet challenging task. Keeping people happy, healthy, laughing and inspired have been the key to success right from the beginning.

Colleen Lamontagne

Colleen became part of the Shadowfax family in 2001. Her loyalty, enthusiasm and genuine love of her job can not be mistaken. Learning about different stones and sharing that with you is her passion. Her understanding of the different properties and benefits of each stone and its origins are facts she loves to share with others. Loving the spiritual aspect of the business, Colleen enjoys helping people find the right item for their specific needs and she excels at it. Whether it be for self care, self improvement, personal growth or simply for your enjoyment, she can suggest the right tool for you.


Piper is our beloved English Budgie, who came to us as a baby in 2012. He is a very cherished and important member of the Shadowfax family. Many of our customers have come to love our little green mascot as much as we do! With a vocabulary of over 200 words, you never know what he is going to say. People enjoy stopping in to visit him, bringing him treats and seeing what new words or phrases he has learned. If you can’t stop in the store to meet him, you can watch videos of him talking on our Facebook page to see all the funny things he can say.

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